ALC Panel Dry Rocking Wall(DRW)

Autoclaved Aerated Lightweight Concrete(ALC) Panel Dry Rocking Wall Methodology, from Japan for Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Real Estate Industry. Used in the Tallest Broadcast Tower in the world for Disaster Resiliency and Dependability. Delivered by ALC Haus Architechno K.K. a Technology Transfer Company and Blockchain Governance.

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ALC Haus is Advocating the use of Autoclaved Aerated Lightweight Concrete Panel, AAC Panels or simply called ALC in the Architectural, Engineeering and Construction (AEC) Industry. We believe that this kind of material has the potential to contribute in safety and sustainability in terms of properties and workability of the material. ALC Haus Architechno a ALC (DRR) Disaster Risk Reduction Resilient Building Technology Consultancy Company first established in Tokyo, Japan will bridge the technology transfer of this wonderful material Worldwide.

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Decades of dependability

ALC has been more than 8 Decades of History Worldwide.

Up to Date Technology

With the Latest Advancement in BIM, AI and Generative Design. This material are very versatile.

Worldwide Adoptation

A Japanese Seismic Resilient Wall Technology Design that is proven and durable is being open for a worldwide adoptation.

The Best Wall Technology out there.

We really Love this ALC Panel Material. Combine with the right Tools, Workflow and Application Design. Simply the Best!

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